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Security Printing

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These days it is getting quite difficult to control counterfeiting and imitation. The total loss faced by countries around the world because of counterfeiting is about $600 Billion.

In order to prevent counterfeiting and to ensure brand protection very secure and sound anti counterfeiting techniques have been developed. However a single anti counterfeiting feature is not enough to ensure security so organisations are embedding multiple security features in their products.

The importance of adding security features to a product or document depends upon the magnitude of the potential loss. Following are some of the very secure and economical security features and can be employed in mass production.

Heat Resistant Multi-Layered Holographic Stickers

Dot Matrix Hologram: Dot-Matrix Hologram allows implementing unlimited computer generated dots in hologram. It is the result of designs comprising many tiny dots, where each dot is a separate diffraction grating. They create a beautiful impact of variable images and will be impossible to copy.

3D Hologram: A high quality, 100% to size model is made and then specially captured to produce this style of hologram. The finished hologram has exceptional visual depth, almost like looking through a window and seeing the model. This is the most complex true hologram type, very few labs on the planet are capable of producing these types of holograms. These are the most difficult to counterfeit, thereby offering the highest level of protection with many additional overt and covert security options available. 3D holograms have a great “wow” factor to them as well!

Additional Holographic security features

There are many added security features that can be integrated without anyone knowing they are there.

Micro Text Grafting: Undetectable to the naked eye.

Hidden Images: Hidden images only visible with a special device and the correct technique.

Simply adding a hologram to your product will not prevent counterfeiting, however it poses a significantly higher challenge to the counterfeiter. The security a hologram provides is to the some extent tied to the complexity of the image, and since not all products need the same protection so we are providing holograms with varying security levels.

Colour Changing Ink: The colour change, which is dependent on the angle of view, makes it ideal for the creation of a wide range of effect colours by application in a transparent binder. In one-coat applications, the substrate base colour can be chosen to modify or mute the impact of the colour change. Colour change security materials protect everything from banknotes to pharmaceutical drugs and more.

Its pigments are characterized by extremely simple dispersion in all media, and yield an exceptional range of colour shift possibilities when combined with other coloured pigments. The colour shift, which is dependent on the angle of view, makes it ideal for the creation of a wide range of effect colours by application in a transparent binder.

Heat Invisible Ink: It is a special effect ink and allows for a visual response to changes in temperature. The pigments are composed of microcapsules that change color reversibly. When the temperature is raised to a specified temperature the pigment goes from colored to colorless. The color returns to the original color as the pigment is cooled down..

Above mentioned are some of the very secure and foolproof security features. We can also provide additional security features on customer's request.