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Heat Transfer Labels For PP Buckets & Gallons

It is an innovative technology and gives a superior and incomparable finish to the paint gallons and buckets as compared to conventional gallons or buckets. The process of transferring labels to plastic bucket or gallon is also simple and easy.

A reasonably priced automatic heat transfer machine loads a printed label roll and quickly transfers printing to plastic buckets or gallons.



Computerized Colour Matching and Colour Deposition System

It is a combination of state of the art Colour Sensing Unit, Gravimetric Dispensing Engine and Recipe Generating System. The above mentioned system measures the colour sample precisely and delivers true colours consistently. Furthermore the Ink that we are using for colour chip printing contains some of the best available pigments due to which we are able to formulate virtually any colour.

Metamerism is a phenomenon commonly defined as the situation when two samples match in colour under one condition, but fail to match under another condition. The above mentioned system is aimed at achieving best spectral as well as metameric match, the result that is very difficult to achieve through human eye. Therefore the end result is far accurate than the result achieved through manual matching.
Following are the benefits of our state of the art colour card matching and printing system.

1.   Standard sample gets stored in accurate and reliable database just once so there is no need to obtain colour samples from customer over and over again

2.   The colour sample’s recipe also gets stored in the database and same formula is used every time order is repeated, so virtually there is no chance of variation

3.   The main feature of this system is accurate, consistent and true colour matching. Due to which there is no need to get approvals from lab every time a job is started

4.   The ink that is used for colour chip printing is flexible and contains best quality pigments due to which even fluorescent colours are matched with ease and accuracy

5.   Another feature of this ink is excellent finishing, outstanding outlook and flexibility which will significantly improve the representation of your product and portray a superior image to your customer

6.   The above mentioned colour matching system is currently operational in most of the top class paint and colour card manufacturing companies in Europe and America

7.   In addition to the above mentioned benefits the colour card production process is considerably accelerated as time wasted in matching and inspection is saved

8.   The colour chips printed through this process are long-lasting and can be retained by customer as standard for their batch production